The points collection prides itself on offering innovative educational material and training products for those who want to trade the markets on both a professional level and a passive basis. We have an excellent reputation among our vast worldwide community for being a the forefront and ahead of the curve. Among our Partners, there are 40 years of trading knowledge and experience.


The 1000 club is an exclusive membership-based extension of The Points Collection. The 1000 Club was created to serve the needs of our community that are restricted by their busy lifestyle. We further assist their need to trade the markets with a more hands-on approach from our team.


AgriPoints Fund

Agripoints is a very rare offering, providing very good profits from the food sector, and with Government backing and partnering with one of the country’s largest development companies Felda.
Dan encourages everyone to be part of this offering because in addition to its standalone profits, it is a wise addition to your investment portfolio because it is a very stable offering providing you with passive income for many years to come.

The uk property fund

The UK Property Fund

Since 1985 we have been involved in the Land & Property sectors, we have pioneered some ground breaking methods to generate very high levels of ROI.
We are specialists in obtaining planning permission where others fail, we find success is in the detail and listening to local needs to bring forward developments that harmonize with the local environment and at the same time deliver above average ROI.


Respectful & Caring Home Care Fund

The care industry needed a more focused and dynamic approach to provide Respectful & Caring Home Care and we are proud after considerable investment in both time and money to now be able to over our clients a care service that is considered second to none, not only for our care clients but for our fantastic staff.

Steadman & Johnson Token

Based on the success of our close friend and partner in the AgriPoints Fund, where in a few short months they were able to generate a NFT token sales income of more than $50m, benefiting from this vast and impressive knowledge we will be launching a UK New Build Property based token where members will enjoy bank grade security over Land Bricks & Mortar and a very good share of the 100% pa we are able to generate due to careful leveraging of capital employed.

tax free profits

Tax Free Profits

We are currently working to bring you our members a solid way to greatly minimise your tax obligations from both the profits we generate for you via our various offering but also to save you tax from any other income streams you have.

bridging loans

Steadman & Johnson Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans do not generate the high levels of profits some of our other offering generate but they do provide a additional and very secure profit contribution and should form part of a diverse investment portfolio of all members we suggest.

pub and pool logo no bg

This is a High Breed business model bringing together two very well suitable and complimenting assets, Pubs in the UK are able to be secure and often profitability improved with a high standard food offering, an area we have considerable experience in, these Pubs can be secured at a very low lost and suitable locations provide the required facilities to locate a very profitable Indoor Heated Swimming Pool complex which we currently hire to swim schools and heath specialists at a occupancy rate of 97%.